How can you get a rental agreement?

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Is it easier to get a rental agreement?

Ramesh chand Answered question October 25, 2022

There are some online documents available that you may download and use later. A rental agreement is a tenet between the landlord and the tenant. It must be drafted in advance for avoiding any illegal practice. You may have rental agreement assistance or support from a legal consultant or assistants.

Besides, follow these steps:

  1. Discuss terms and conditions with your landlord/tenant and draft a rough rental agreement.
  2. Draw a soft copy of the document prepared on stamp paper. It helps you to review your draft and recommended value.
  3. Take out its printout.
  4. Get it attested by the owner of the property and the tenant.
  5. Finally, the deed is sent to the sub-registrar office for attestation.

This is how a rental agreement is legalized.

Ramesh chand Answered question October 25, 2022
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