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Services 2 NRI is a global platform to communicate about challenges in immigration documentation and attestation or apostille. It is where mostly non-residents seek assistance in how to apply for a birth certificate, NABC, CENOMAR/single status certificate, passport, marriage certificate, and death certificate. Besides, there are experts to access proven solutions for NRI property management, taxation, and insurance, etc.
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How to apply for a birth certificate online?

The process of applying for a new birth certificate online can vary from one country or jurisdiction to another. Here is an overview of the steps you might follow, but please note that you should check...

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How can I protect my NRI property in India?

Yes, you can concern this matter with a property manager. Just go through the ads, or you may contact Services2NRI, which provides support for property management in Mumbai. It takes a ton of safety measures,...

January 30, 2023 5
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How can you get original birth certificate from mcd Delhi?

I lost my birth proof. Can I apply and get the original birth certificate in Delhi?

January 13, 2023 2
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What is NOC for marriage in India?

Is there any need for NOC before marriage in India?

December 27, 2022 2
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Can I download my birth certificate online up?

Yes, it’s possible. Digitisation in India has made it easy for those who want to have it online. Follow the following steps to see how you can get your birth certificate issued. Just click here and get...

December 13, 2022 5
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How can I get an apostille document online?

Yes, this is possible online. You may contact any legal consultant for discovering this procedure. Such people are excellent at understanding your urgency, and challenges. This understanding helps him...

November 29, 2022 5
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How long does it take to get the marriage certificate online?

Can anyone suggest how many days it takes to get the marriage certificate online?

November 9, 2022 2
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How can you get a rental agreement?

Is it easier to get a rental agreement?

October 25, 2022 2
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What are the documents required for a transcript certificate?

Can anyone share what documents I should take along for a transcript  certificate?

October 12, 2022 2
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How can I register for court marriage in Delhi?

For the registration of marriage, you need to apply for the certificate after marriage. It would take a month-long time in processing, verification, and monitoring if everything is alright in the marriage....

September 26, 2022 5
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Who looks after Credential Asset Management?

A mutual fund dealer is a credential asset management support provider. He looks into various financial matters related to mutual fund investment and management, ranging from planning, assessing, and then,...

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Single Status Affidavit

Since its legal proof of one’s single status, it should be formally written. To exactly know what to state, you may consult with a solicitor or legal matter expert. He can suggest accurate content....

July 26, 2022 5
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How do I prove that I’m not married?

Here in this case, the certificate of no impediment can help you. You may get a single status certificate from the United States. A local County Clerk can help you. You may find his office nearby your...

July 11, 2022 5
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What is the purpose of an unmarried certificate?

Of course, you have to provide an unmarried certificate, stating that you’re absolutely single and ready to solemnize a marriage. This is actually a legal document called a single status affidavit that...

June 28, 2022 5
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What is unmarried certificate?

The unmarried certificate is a single status proof. This is legal proof that you have been single and have no dependents from any matrimony. However, a divorcee and a widowed can also be an unmarried person...

June 13, 2022 5
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Single Status Certificate

With the single status certificate, you can prove the state of being unmarried. This is legal proof, which is primarily issued by the SDM in the state or tehsildar in the village. He issues it provided...

May 20, 2022 5
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How can I verify my birth certificate online?

Its process is simple. One should know that verification is necessary for authenticating that the application and provided proofs are genuine. The legal consultants, such as Services2NRI can help you....

April 14, 2022 2
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What is Cenomar

CENOMAR stands for the certificate of no marriage record. It is a legal document that proves that the person is unmarried. In this case, the person who is a widower, a bachelor, or a divorcee-all is considered...

April 7, 2022 2
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