What type of materials are used to build a scaffold?

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russel Answered question September 11, 2018

Generally, scaffold structures are made up with a combination of wood planks with a steel framework that allows workers to easily move in high areas while working on tall buildings and structures. It can also be used in smaller structures and smaller jobs. For example, painters often used scaffolding to safely reach higher higher areas while keeping their paint and other equipment with them as they work.
There are roughly around 7 types of commonly used scaffold designs but all are generally made using the same materials, only different designs and purposes. For example, some are best used for mason work while others may require a rope or chain to hoist the worker up in the air, which is why is important to hire the right scaffolding contractor that knows exactly what type of structure you need to help you safely complete your job.

russel Answered question September 11, 2018