What are the types of training do lawyers do?

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types of training do lawyers do…

FrankDBell Answered question January 1, 2020

Lawyers undergo several types and degrees of training and it all starts long before lawyers even get to call themselves as certified legal practitioners. A lot of training takes place during pre-law where aspiring lawyers work on their bachelor’s degree. Students wanting to get into law school someday choose a course for their pre-law and this becomes an area of specialty. Some of the most common majors for pre-law are economics, journalism, and political science. There are also students who choose to take a degree in business administration. But regardless of the field of study, aspiring law students already gain a lot of training and experience during the years they spend in pre-law.

Then comes law school where law students gain in-depth knowledge and experience about the ins and outs of the legal field. They learn from top-notch attorneys, legal experts, heads of government, and many other resource persons during their time in law school, but most of all, they get more opportunities to put their learning into practice. 

Other avenues for lawyers to gain training is during the time they spend preparing for the bar exam. Then there are also opportunities for lawyers to further their education by specializing in a particular field. Usually, lawyers return to a formal education setting to gain specialized knowledge. 

But aside from all these avenues for learning and receiving training, lawyers learn by experience. There’s nothing quite like the growth and development that can only come from years of practicing law in the real world. And often, this is the common track that lawyers take. Now, there’s nothing wrong with this, but there are actually other ways for lawyers to receive much-needed training to enable them to not only thrive but succeed.

Ever heard of media training? It’s easy to assume that all lawyers are excellent communicators but when faced with a situation when they’re required to speak in front of the media, they often come off as unprepared and even nervous. There’s a special type of training required to equip lawyers with the skills necessary to become effective communicators in a setting where they need to deliver a message to a variety of media formats. 

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FrankDBell Answered question January 1, 2020
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