What are the advantages of using a business SMS platform?

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What are the advantages of using a business SMS platform?

Ezekiel Lee Answered question February 19, 2022

I personally believe that a good business SMS platform is a necessity for any business these days. You can get a full picture of what the advantages of one are by visiting Edgility’s website, or the site of another SMS company. But here’s a summarized list of the features I get the most use out of.

Bulk MMS And SMS 

You can use the SMS platform for sending a large number of text messages as well as MMS (multimedia messages) at one time. With quality performance and quick delivery rates, SMS platforms allow businesses to send thousands of text messages with one single click of the button.

Two-way Texting

In order to improve your service or business, connecting with the customers is of utmost importance. Two-way SMS opens up the dialogue between a recipient and sender. You can use this feature for feedback, support, or a simple friendly chat, helping know your own customers much better.

Dedicated Virtual Numbers

By having the dedicated number for contacting your clients and customers, you’ll be adding a personal touch. A virtual number is easily recognizable and plus it’s both private as well as personalized to your own business.

Here’s the list of the dedicated numbers that are used for sending SMS:

 – Long code

 – Short code

 – Sender ID – even though Sender ID isn’t precisely a dedicated number, you can still personalize it for representing your brand name or number

API Integrations and Plugins 

SMS API integrations are available for scaling up all the existing systems as well as providing SMS services via another platform. Moreover, add-ons and SMS plugins can provide you with a variety of features, including accessible and simple automated functions, and custom-built and specialized applications, which are a highly flexible range of custom-built and off-the-shelf communication solutions you can effectively use.

Automated SMS

Last but not least, automated SMS allows you to automatically send SMS texts to your intended recipients at the predetermined scheduled time or when they decide to reply by using the specific keyword.

Tammy Engles Answered question February 24, 2021
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