There’s been much talk about 3D architectural rendering and the role it plays to win a client.

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But aside from the client, who benefits from a 3D architectural rendering? What’s the large-scale impact of a well-executed 3D architectural rendering of a project?

Eugene R Answered question July 21, 2023

You are correct when you said that an architectural rendering is often aimed at appealing to a client. After all, one of the most crucial steps in sealing the deal is when you get to present your renderings to your client for them to make their decisions. Clients always want to visualise a project even before it’s built, and that’s one of the main goals that architectural rendering aims to achieve. Architectural rendering has been used by professionals in the field who want to show their clients the many possibilities of a project so that eventually the client can make a well-informed choice.

But a client-centric approach is not all there is to 3D architectural renderings. Even within the professional sphere, architects and interior designers benefit from 3D renderings. How? With 3D renderings, it’s much easier for architects and interior designers to relay their design vision, without running the risk of misunderstanding in the communication process. Ultimately, this benefit also trickles down to the client who will be on the receiving end and will be the one to make decisions.

On a bigger scale. Architectural renderings also benefit the architecture team. A 3D rendering makes the brainstorming process much easier since it already provides the design team a starting point and from there, they can give even more specific and tailored design input. And on an even greater scale, 3D architectural renderings also ultimately benefit the board who will be evaluating and approving your proposal. Combined with a well-thought of strategy and an in-depth research on what the board wants, an architectural rendering will be a great supplement to your presentation.

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Isabelle Barunga Answered question February 23, 2021
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