is it safe to invest in Park View City Lahore?

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Park View City Lahore is a project of Vision Group owned by Aleem Khan. This project is the rebranding of an existing project, Park View Villas Lahore. This project is located on main Multan Road- Lahore, near DHA. This project aims to provide a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle to the residents at a picturesque location at affordable rates. As the name indicates, the project has focused on dedicating the maximum part of the society to create parks. It is a complete legal project with an approved NOC from LDA. Society is already providing a roof to many families.

Park View City Lahore is covering a huge piece of land and divided into many blocks, each block is different from one another based on plot sizes and facilities. People can buy constructed villas or plots according to their requirements.

park view city lahore Asked question May 18, 2021