Is it hard to get a cab at the Luton Airport?

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Is it better to book in advance? Any suggestions? How much is the fare if I’m heading to London City Central?

milton keynestaxi Answered question May 8, 2019

Getting a taxi is easy, but finding one that’s reliable, fast, and affordable isn’t. There are many taxis right outside the airport that can get you to London City Central but you have to take into consideration the time of day you’re getting a cab. Some charge extra during late night hours or on weekends. Another thing you have to remember is the tip, as some drivers make tipping mandatory.

There are kiosks inside the airport where you can book a cab and usually, it will take only a few minutes before they find a registered airport service for you. That’s a good option too, if you want to make sure you’ll get to your destination safely. But you can never be sure about the crowds because now, more people use the Luton Airport and chances are, there will be many others approaching the booking desks for a cab. To avoid this, you can book a Luton airport transfer service at Elite Executives ahead of time. The cab will be waiting for you at your desired pickup address and will get you to where you need to be.

Glick Answered question January 21, 2019
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