Is demolition waste toxic?

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demolition waste toxic..

Everett Bishop Answered question January 25, 2022

Most demolition waste is inert and safe to be around. However, some types of waste can be hazardous for your health and require extra care when being disposed of. Especially if the building being demolished was old.

Potentially toxic waste left found in demolition sites include:

  • Asbestos;
  • Lead from paint or pipes;
  • Mercury from lamps;
  • Switches and relays;
  • Rot, fungus, and mold from old wooden buildings.

Disposing of any of these materials may require special care, both for personal health reasons and for legal reasons. There will likely be clear regulations in your region as to what must be done with demolition waste.

Most construction companies avoid having to navigate through the hoops of waste removal by simply hiring an outsider contractor to handle it for them. For hire waste removing companies will often bring their own machinery and equipment in to collect what needs to be disposed of.

If you need assistance, Harlex Haulage Services offers waste removal and plant hire in Kent.

FrankDBell Answered question January 16, 2020
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