I am getting offers to sell my house rapidly in Charlotte.

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Is it legit?

Bell Dubeau Answered question February 10, 2024

Trying to sell your house? Then you will get offers on the traditional market and from home buying companies like FavorHomeSolutions. These firms will offer you a cash settlement just to buy your home as it is without having to go through any makeovers or changes. That can be pretty tempting as it will speed up what is a months-long process for most sales.

My advice would be to look into the company first and foremost, though. Google something simple like sell my house fast Charlotte, and see how they appear in the reviews and reputational side of the internet. If they have done something good for people, you will probably see someone telling you. But if they have screwed somebody over when buying their home, you will not have to look too far to find evidence!

Laurence A Answered question March 3, 2023
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