How to Speed up Website Page Speed?

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How to Increase Website Speed?

First, optimize your images. As they often make up the biggest files on a website, this step may have a significant impact on how quickly your pages load. If you want to reduce the loading time, then use Compress jpeg before you going to upload on website.

Use the caching features of browsers:

You may reduce the time it takes for a website to load the next time you visit by having your browser save a copy of its data in its cache.

Reduce HTTP Requests

It takes time for a browser to request a file from a web server.

Activate Compression:

When files are compressed, their size is reduced, which speeds up the transmission process.

Make use of a CDN (content delivery network):

A CDN is a system of servers spread out throughout the globe that work together to distribute data quickly and reliably to users.

Sixth, put off loading JavaScript until later; big JavaScript files might delay the loading of other website components like pictures.

Redirects Should Be Reduced in Numbers

If a website includes a redirect, the browser will need to make an additional request to resolve it, which will lengthen the loading time.

Give me another way that I can do page speed up. Please Help me out.

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