How do you know that the person you love loves you too?

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How do you know that the person you love loves you too?

DoretheaLafarga Answered question March 11, 2021

Some people are great with words and it can be sometimes hard to figure out if the other person’s feelings are genuine, but here are some signs that the person you love loves you back.

  • They make time for you – it doesn’t matter if they’re working double shifts or are preparing for an important exam. When someone loves you deeply, they will find time to be with you, whatever the circumstances are. If it’s a long-distance relationship, they’ll allot time to chat, video call, and see you in person whenever possible.
  • They value your opinion – before making an important decision, especially if it affects you both, they will consult with you first. Someone who loves you will consider your feelings, as well as your wants and needs.
  • They support your goals and interests – someone who loves you will encourage you to do the things that you’re passionate about and even learn to appreciate them even if they’re not interested at first. They will encourage you to strive towards your goals and will never feel insecure whenever you succeed.
  • They’re proud of you – if someone loves you genuinely, they’ll want people to know. They’ll make an effort to meet your family and friends and let you meet theirs.
  • They’ll treat you with respect – someone who loves you will never hurt you physically or verbally. Rather, they will be the ones to protect you from any pain or danger.

If you’re worried if your significant other loves you too and want to talk to a specialist, check out Relationship Counselling.

Jennie Cooney Answered question July 15, 2020
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