How can I stay on top of my taxes?

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stay on top of my taxes…

Sarah Stromberg Answered question May 24, 2023

April is always the worst time of the year for small business owners. However, whenever my friends complain to me about being behind on filing their tax, I can’t help but feel it’s kind of their own fault. You’re doing the right thing by trying to stay on top of them as it will help you out in the long run! Here are my biggest tips for staying on top of your taxes

  • Have an organized filing system in place

Don’t leave those tax-deductible receipts scattered around all over the place. Make sure you’ve set aside a dedicated spot just for them. That might be a computer folder (if so, back it up), a drawer, a safe, or anywhere similar.

  • Start as early as possible

As soon as you can file taxes, do it. Don’t wait until April and then do a mad scramble. If you feel like delaying and avoiding the problem, it will only get worse. It’s like ripping off a bandaid, quick and painless, as long as you do it early.

  • Get a professional to help

If you really don’t have the time or the organizational skills to stay on top of your taxes, don’t try to! Hire a CPA and let them do it for you. Personally, I’m far too lazy and disorganized to handle my business accounting, so I always pay one of the CPA firms in Tulsa OK like Brown, Chism & Thompson PLLC to do it for me.

lukealgeranoff Answered question February 9, 2019
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