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What is difference between BPO and KPO?

Ramesh chand Answered question February 28, 2023

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, which means renting out expertise on or offshore to the companies for carrying out corporate practices that are non-core for them, for example data entry work. It’s what businesses have to execute for keeping records of every bill, expense or human beings that are working there. Being an inexperienced or having no time to undertake it like your core activities, it is ignored. Here, BPO services stand out. Simply put, it is service-specific task, which an outsourcing company does in a quick turnaround time with expertise.

On the flip side, KPO expands for knowledge process outsourcing, which means contracting out for discovering knowledge or understanding the transition. Certainly, it is the job of some highly professional, skilled and qualified subject matter experts like analysts, researchers or data scientists who are capable of figuring out solutions to beat any business challenges through breakthroughs. To answer what is KPO, it is a knowledge-specific outsourcing that is based on advanced technical skills and analytical approach.

Michael steve Answered question September 14, 2021
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