Why Real Estate is the Best Investment?

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For starters, real estate can be defined as an act of buying, renting, and reselling a property and is one of the most lucrative business industries around the globe. In Pakistan, the scope of real estate is considerably increasing and offers the highest profit margins on investment. The advent of many housing projects such as the Eighteen Islamabad has boosted the fame of real estate. Here are a few reasons why real estate is the best field to invest in.

Leverage of Investment:

Most of the investment options such as stocks require all the resources you have specified for investing. But, it is real estate that offers you to put only a fraction of your resources into investment. You can adopt this approach through several methods such as availing a mortgage or availing the easiest installment plan offered by several housing projects such as Eighteen Project Islamabad which requires only a 20% down payment for reserving your space.

So by investing only a portion of your investment, you can own single to multiple properties.

Increased Appreciation:

The value of real estate not only appreciates naturally over time but this appreciation can also be forced. The average annual appreciation of any real estate property is 3-5% without doing anything. While you can increase the net worth of your property by making certain renovations to the home. On average, the right renovations can bring back your 80-90% of investment but you have to make sure that you make the right renovations as not every renovation can increase the value of your property. While we look at recent years, we see an incredible increase in Eighteen Islamabad villas prices, Eighteen Islamabad apartment prices, and Eighteen Islamabad plot prices.

Regular Cash Flow:

Real estate not only offers you an annual appreciation of your property but you can also get regular cash flow by buying and holding a real estate and then renting it out.

Financial Security:

People usually invest in real estate to secure finances for their after-retirement life. While other investment options may depreciate or even crash real estate offers the most secure investment option. Even if the value of any property depreciates a bit, it usually bounces back to normal or even more after a brief instance.

Passing Down to Heirs:

Real estate is one such asset that you can pass down to your heirs without the fear or danger of it rotting, stolen, or lost.

Enhanced Portfolio:

Real estate offers you to enhance your portfolio by investing in multiple properties such as apartments, villas, or plots. Check out houses for sale in Eighteen Islamabad to find the best investment opportunities to enhance your portfolio.

What Factors Make a Property Good For Investment?

There are certain factors that you must look at before investing in any property.

  • Look for a property whose value is more likely to appreciate over time and is located in an area that’s attractive to people. Eighteen Islamabad map shows that project Eighteen Islamabad is located at a central location of twin cities.
  • Analyze the crime rate of the locale to be invested in.
  • Look for the amenities available in the locale.
  • Buy the type of property that people are interested to rent such as apartments or condos etc.
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