Which is the best learning-based virtual Forex trading app?

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next23 Answered question April 30, 2023

After testing out numerous trading simulator apps I have learned that most of them don’t provide the user with what they actually need. When I started out in forex, I needed someone to explain every single bit to me. You need to know the basics before you even think about trading and that is what most apps are lacking. You can’t just throw a newbie into the trading chaos and expect them to learn on their own. That is why I always recommend The Trading Game to everyone. Here are a few reasons why:

#1 The app has a great learning curve

As I mentioned above, providing the user with enough information is key. The Trading Game offers just that with a basic introduction and a lot of interactive quizzes that really expand your knowledge in a short time period. Everything you learn while using this app will be put to the test.

#2 It has real-time market data

Another huge factor when learning about forex and trading in general. After you learned a thing or two about trading you want to test that in a real environment while also risking nothing. With The Trading Game, you will have enough virtual funds to make trades and evaluate your trading level.

#3 It is user-friendly

Last, but definitely not least is user experience. If an app isn’t easy to understand and use I will uninstall it after a minute of use. The last thing you want is to waste time on settings and options within the app while trying to learn about something completely different. If you want to learn fast and easy while also constantly putting your knowledge to the test, you will be more than happy with The Trading Game.

I also want to remind you that forex trading can be time-consuming and very stressful. Whichever app you chose, make sure that you spend enough time on the simulations before getting into the real thing. Your investment could quickly go down to zero if you aren’t prepared and well-informed.

CryptoLaura Answered question January 29, 2019
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