Which is the best deal origination platform?

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Which M&A deal discovery platform is the best? 

Michael steve Answered question April 19, 2023

As far as my experience is concerned, Bankers Deals is the best deal origination platform. You can find opportunities across 24 industries. It is actually a SaaS-powered network where you can see real-time data from buy-side and sell-side parties. You can access it on your mobile phone smoothly. The best thing is its security to data, which is accessible to the registered parties only. You upload your data and stay out from worries. As any party updates its preferences and details in its virtual data storage, it immediately appears in alerts to the concerned parties. Besides, it offers greater deal visibility. You see unlikely buyers outside your initial buyer list or target market.   

Its search option is of the next-level, where you develop additional search criteria. Even, the notifications pop up on the basis of your preferences. For subscription also, it comes up with offline communication option. It means that you can talk or negotiate the deal offline. 

David pollard Answered question February 3, 2023
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