Where to Find a Small Business for Sale?

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Is there any online platform where anyone can find a small entity for mergers and acquisition?

Michael steve Answered question April 19, 2023

Your first recourse might be to call businesses directly. It might be a shot in the dark, but keep in mind that businesses wouldn’t want to scare off their customers by advertising that they’re for sale. You might also want to watch your preferred industry for scheduled meetups to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs who might refer you to someone selling their business.

You can also contact business brokers. This might be the most straightforward way to buy a business, but keep in mind that you most likely have to pay these brokers. 

You can also look at websites that post businesses for sale. You may also want to put out your ads to let people know that you’re buying.

Don’t forget to hire an acquisition attorney before making up your mind about the business to buy. You need legal counsel to make informed decisions and ensure a smooth takeover. Your attorney will also handle all the documents required for the acquisition, such as letters of intent, security agreements, stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, etc. To learn more about the benefits of using an attorney, visit https://www.chauvellaw.com/our-services/business-law/.

J. Stebbins Answered question March 7, 2023
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