What sorts of events can I hold at a restaurant?

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sorts of events can I hold at a restaurant…

Elizabeth McCoy Answered question November 14, 2021

In theory, you can host any event in a restaurant, as long as it’s legal, and the owners agree to it. That said, the venue lends itself to certain events better than others. Common restaurant events include the following:

1 – Wine tasting;

2 – Food tasting;

3 – Live music;

4 – Charity events;

5 – Fundraisers;

6 – Private parties;

7 – Cooking classes;

8 – Birthday parties;

9 – Weddings;

10 – Corporate parties.

Depending on your goals and the scale of the event, you can negotiate with the owner to close the restaurant for your event. If you know an artist and would like to commission the restaurant as a venue, for example, you can make it open to the public, or you can close it up and turn into a private party. It likely won’t be cheap, but if you are willing to work with the owners to schedule your event on a low-traffic day, it won’t cost a fortune. If you are looking for restaurants in Tenterden that allow you to host events, visit this link.

DavidSStone457 Answered question July 11, 2020
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