What should I do to preserve the longevity of the plumbing?

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I just got a new home.

Felicia paris Answered question November 30, 2022

Most of the stuff that helps the pipes last longer comes down to keeping an eye out for issues and avoiding sending dangerous chemicals down the lines. Regular care and maintenance are also beneficial — most plumbers recommend that you get a professional plumbing inspection from a plumbing Denver team every two years or so.

Most issues that can reduce your pipes’ lifespan are hard to ignore. You’ll deal with clogged pipes or do something if the water pressure is too high. However, one issue is leaking in the system. It’s a problem in general and an even bigger issue when water drips from pipe joints.

As for dangerous chemicals, you should avoid, the main ones to keep in mind are harsh cleaning products and chemical drain cleaners. Both can damage the pipes over the years and should be handled carefully.

Isabelle Barunga Answered question January 31, 2022
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