What should beginners wear for rowing practice?

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beginners wear for rowing practice

sdf sda Answered question January 15, 2024

Whether you’re a beginner or not, you have to make sure you’re wearing the right clothing when you attend rowing practice. As a general rule, you have to avoid baggy and loose clothing because it can get stuck in the boat’s equipment. Wearing loose clothing also limits and restricts your movement which is a no-no in rowing because you need to fully use your muscles.
Go for clothing made from synthetic material instead of cotton because cotton absorbs water and so it becomes heavier as it gets wet, which will also make it hard for you to row. Get tops and bottoms made of synthetic materials like poly-spandex which will keep you warm and feeling dry.
You can also wear a rowing suit instead of a two-piece top and bottom. In choosing a rowing suit, remember that comfort is important. Find the right fit, check if the material is breathable, wind resistant and if it dries quickly.
If you’re still starting out and you have other rower friends who are also thinking of what to wear, Teejac Sports has suits that are customisable so that you and your teammates will stand out.

michael wade Answered question October 13, 2018
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