What should a good business sign accomplish?

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good business sign accomplish…

loparter Answered question April 29, 2021

At its core, a good sign has to accomplish three main things.

1 – Identify your business. People walking by or driving past your store need to know not only that you are running a business, but also what type of business it is, and what type of services you provide. A good sign can help convey all that.

2 – Push your brand. Whatever visual identity you are trying to build with your brand, your business sign should both reflect and reinforce it. The use of shapes, colors, and other design details in the sign can help direct what the customer’s impression of your business is going to be. A sign where the store’s name is built out of polished steel letters, for example, leaves a very different impression than a sign that was carefully sculpted out of wood.

3 – Increase traffic. Finally, a good business sign should help bring customers into the store. It can do so by accomplishing the two points mentioned above — once a customer knows what services you provide and what your brand is about, they are much more likely to enter your store.

Just make sure you get your sign professionally made, so it will work for you, instead of against you. Some companies, like this one, are able to provide businesses both quality signage and workwear in Staffordshire.

ThomasMSprague345 Answered question March 21, 2020
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