What is the best material for a headboard?

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What is the best material for a headboard?

Larit Chan Answered question March 16, 2021

These days, you will never run out of options for headboards. There’s just so many to choose from and while this could be good thing, it can also make decision-making hard. After all, you only have one bed and you only need one headboard for your room. The question now is: Which one to choose?

You asked about the best material for a headboard and that question will boil down to a matter of preference. But to help you decide, here are the three most common materials used in making headboards and their respective advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Wooded Headboards: Timeless and elegant, wooden headboards are still one of the top choices among homeowners because these headboards add that warm touch to any bedroom. Wooded headboards are ideal if you’re the kind who loves to mix and match the design elements in your bedroom, because this type of headboard goes well with a wide variety of décor. Another advantage is that there’s practically an endless list of styles and designs if you go with a wooden headboard since wood can easily be carved and shaped. As for the disadvantage, well, wooden headboards aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. So if you don’t find wooden headboards inviting, you might want to consider the other options below.
  2. Metal Headboards: A more affordable option than the wooden headboard, this material is also a popular choice for its versatility. Add to that the fact that metal is more lightweight than wood. You can still achieve a classic feel with metal headboards because now they can be made using various types of metals and can have the antique finish you want. And if you choose to take the other route and go for a modern look, the metal headboard can still work excellently for that purpose. For the disadvantages, metal tends to make more noise given its lightweight material. Its composition also makes it susceptible to varying temperatures. During the cold months, metal headboards tend to be cold to the touch.
  3. Upholstered headboard: Of all the three, this one is undeniably the most comfortable. Perfect for those rest days and reading nights or simply TV afternoons when you want to rest your back on your headboard. This type also features great variety, you can pretty much have your upholstered headboard to meet all your specifications, thanks to customisation options. The only thing to be mindful of is the wear and tear since fabric is prone to scratches, spills, and other things that might ruin the material.

But if your upholstered headboard is well maintained, then you’ll enjoy it for a long time. And speaking of quality, Billy’s Beds makes custom headboards and bed bases. Check out this link to view their bed bases, bed heads, and more.

Isabelle Barunga Answered question February 24, 2021
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