What information a SaaS firm wants to learn in a Market Research, besides that provided below?

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Market – How to identify and approach your Market?
• Potential client mapping
• Understanding your Ideal Client’s Profile
• Tactics you could use for targeting your Ideal Clients
Competition – Do you know Your Opponents’ services?
• Other competitor software’s strengths and weaknesses
• What is your market positioning?
• Are there any substitutes for your SaaS solution?
Industry – Where is your business headed in the long run?
• How big is your SaaS segment? Is the industry growing?
• Important trends in your industry segment
• Associations, events, summits, tradeshows and fairs that your SaaS Company should attend

Regina Panergo Answered question July 20, 2020

Hi Go123Maj,

Content plays a huge factor in maintaining continuous business growth and overall customer experience in Saas companies. My work with them answers the first part of your question. Through content tagging and content moderation services, they were able to build better customer data profiles, implement personalization at scale, and match the right content to the right target audience. This will enable you to analyze and structure your data to build better communities, improve your products and target the right people.

Hope this helps!

Regina Panergo Answered question July 20, 2020