What does an interior designer do?

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interior designer’s task

Samantha Duncan Answered question January 27, 2022

An interior designer meets with their client to discuss the project they’ll be working with. This also means seeing the actual property in person, talking with the client about the specifics of the design and functionality goals (including the client’s budget) that need to be met, and helping clients make sound decisions when choosing materials for curtains, furniture, and other elements that will be incorporated in the space.

They also ensure the functionality of the space so that it truly meets the client’s lifestyle and preferences. An interior designer also takes into consideration the practicality of the space, as well as the design elements and decorative features within it. 

Interior designers also help clients find the right people who can provide customisation services. For example, if you’re planning to have bespoke curtains for your home, you can consult with your interior designer and they can help you choose from a variety of options, styles, and designs.  If you’re looking for interior designers Edinburgh that creates custom curtains, look no further than RemusInteriors.com. They have their own curtain-dedicated workroom where they create bespoke curtains, pelmets, blinds, and soft furnishings for your home. 

Samantha Duncan Answered question January 27, 2022

I recently worked with a firm offering interior design in Newcastle, so I feel I can accurately weigh in on this.  Interior designers are responsible for helping clients to redesign homes or other spaces as per their client’s requests. Some of the main tasks they will undertake are:

– Selecting colour schemes for their clients
– Sourcing furniture pieces that will fit the designs requested by the clients
– Liaising with contractors in order to complete the works required such as painting, wallpapering and installing furniture.

Interior designers often meet with their clients for an initial meeting, in which they will discuss the clients wants and needs. Once this is complete, the designer may survey and measure the spaces in order to start formulating the designs. Once the clients are happy with the proposed designs, the designer can then proceed to make the arrangements necessary to implement their designs.

felipenstevens Answered question February 16, 2019