What causes a wet filter in my HVAC System and what should I do about it?

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wet filter in my HVAC System..

Oscar Bryan Answered question May 24, 2021

Humidity is one reason for a wet air filter. What happens is that the moist and warm air loses its latent heat, some condensate drips from the coils and then into a drip pan located underneath. In most cases, the condensate drains out of the pan by passing through a drain line, eventually heading to your sewer system. But sometimes, when the drain line gets clogged with dirt or other sediment or debris, the condensate remains in the drip and eventually overflows… and some water could get into your air filter.

It’s important to solve this issue right away because when you allow your air filter to remain wet, it can interrupt air flow and there’s high chance of mold and mildew forming and you wouldn’t want that. Fix the leak right away and check if there’s any obstruction or clogging, or any other issues in the drip pan because this is often the root cause of the problem.

The problem can be avoided early on if you’ve had professionals install your air filters or if you regularly check your HVAC systems. If time comes that your filters will need replacing, visit MervFilters.com.

joseecarlson Answered question January 15, 2019
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