What can help make my backyard feel more welcoming?

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What can help make my backyard feel more welcoming?

Charlotte Stuckey Answered question January 20, 2022

While what makes places feel welcoming is subjective, a few principles are almost universal. One of them is that people prefer orderly and clean spaces. So, whatever you’re going for with your backyard — whether it has grass, a garden, or a ton of décoration — just make sure it doesn’t look too visually busy and full of clutter at a glance. A neat and orderly backyard will always look more welcoming.

It can also be good to clear footpaths for visitors or make stone or concrete pathways. Few things make a place more inviting than having an actual footpath leading into that area. Finally, it’s also a good idea to invest in quality outdoor homewares for your backyard. There are plenty of comfortable and visually-appealing sofas and chairs being sold on this website and others like it, and having quality furniture laid out in the backyard will naturally make it more welcoming.

Sharon Davis Answered question December 13, 2021
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