What are the step of all first aid survey?

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As a nurse, I often wonder what the steps for an effective first aid survey are. While it is impossible to accurately predict how an incident may unfold, or what outcomes may be needed from administering first aid, there are certain steps that can help medical personnel get accurate assessments and make emergency decisions quickly. Are there any recommendation according by professional DR. – What is First Aid and Primary and Secondary Survey in First Aid?

Ryan Reynolds Answered question January 10, 2023

When faced with a medical emergency, it’s vital that you know the steps of first aid survey. Being prepared and knowing what to do can potentially save a life. You may can do that step for very beginning.
The steps of the first aid survey include:
Taking quick action – assess the situation and determine if first aid is needed. If possible, call 911 or have someone else call for help while you administer care. Assessing airway and breathing – Determine if the person is conscious and able to talk or not able to communicate at all; check both respiration (normal breathing) an apnea (absence of breathing).
For more detailed information about how best to perform First Aid Survey please take some time out for read this online blog article which has been compiled by Dr who specialises in Emergency Care Medicine.

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