What are the most common forms of damage to concrete?

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most common forms of damage to concrete…

wayne1john Answered question September 17, 2019

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in the world. Although it is durable when it comes to compression, it is weak in tension. Here are some common types of concrete damages. 

Concrete can suffer from corrosion because of the chloride ions present in de-icing salt. These ions disintegrate concrete’s passive layer and eventually the steel bar inside the cement coating will begin to rust. When this happens, concrete weakens and cracks internally.

Another common form of concrete damage is the presence of cracks. The reason behind this is that the concrete isn’t given ample time to dry and strengthen. Concrete that is prematurely dried and finished can also lead to the formation of blisters. Moisture builds up when the entire process is hastened. 

Cracks on concrete can also form as a result of the freeze-thaw damage, especially during the winter months. Concrete can disintegrate due to the rapidly expanding moisture from the water that has seeped into the tiny gaps in concrete. 

These common problems can be avoided with the use of a concrete sealer which adds a layer of protection on concrete surfaces. Click here to know more about the best concrete sealers available today. 

RobertCZielinski Answered question July 11, 2019
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