What are the best sports to do in London?

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What are the best sports to do in London?

Jason Gorham Answered question September 17, 2021

The UK is undoubtedly the home of football, and this is probably the most popular sport. However, football isn’t for everyone and there are loads of other great sporting opportunities such as:

– Badminton
Badminton is a great way to get active and meet people if you are new to the city and there are a lot of different social badminton groups up and running in London.

– Cycling
Cycling is a popular choice in London both for recreation and commuting. Even if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one easily on using the public cycle hire scheme and get around easily using cycle lanes.

– Watersports
When you think of London, watersports doesn’t seem like a conventional choice, but there are a few different clubs running around the city where you can take part in Kayaking, paddleboarding and even open water swimming.

Richard Kimberly Answered question November 8, 2018
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