What are some good extracurriculars for kids?

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good extracurriculars for kids

KevinPKramer Answered question February 18, 2019

I was recently wondering the same thing, as my kids expressed that they were getting bored of playing soccer and going to karate. I did some research and found some great activities such as:

– Trampolining
I recently enrolled my kids in trampolining class and they both love it. It’s active, exciting and challenging and they always come home from class tired and happy

– Coding Class
As my youngest is always wanting to spend time in front of a screen, I decided to try and make his screen time more educational. I found this company https://www.thecodewiz.com who were offering coding sessions for kids in Westford, MA and signed him up. He’s really been enjoying the classes and has a really strong interest in learning more.

– Outdoor Adventures
My kids also recently joined a club that teaches them about outdoor survival and takes them on camping trips. My daughter loves the social aspect of this club and is learning a lot about nature and survival.

KevinPKramer Answered question February 18, 2019