What are some gift ideas for someone who loves golf?

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What are some gift ideas for someone who loves golf?

Louis Rodriguez Answered question March 29, 2021

There are lots of great gifts to choose from if you have a friend that loves golf. Some of my best ideas include:

  • New Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are an absolute necessity, but they’re often expensive, so you may find that your friend is in need of a new pair. The good news is, a high-quality pair of shoes will last a while, so they’ll probably be very grateful for this gift. 

  • Golfing Experiences

Golfers tend to only play on one course regularly, so it could be a nice idea to book an experience day for your friend to play at a different course. 

  • An Electric Golf Trolley

If your friend is getting on in years, they might really appreciate a battery golf trolley. They can be pricy but it may make their day at the golf club a lot more enjoyable and make golfing easier for older people, as they won’t have to lug around a heavy bag.

Richard Garrett Answered question September 10, 2019
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