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Very simply put, raster or bitmap images as they are conventionally known as, are made up of a very large number of pixels, therefore when the image gets enlarged, blown up or expanded it usually get rather pixelated or even blurry! Typical examples of bitmap images include JPG, PSD as well as PNG. Vector images in the other hand images are based on a distinct mathematical formula and therefore have no resolution as such, so the image can easily be scaled to any size without getting blurry. It is for this reason that our vector conversion services are so very useful. Apart from this other ways in which this vector artwork service is useful in the way that images can be stored in a secure manner and can be availed of as and when required.

“Unlike other companies which make tall promises in regard to their raster to vector conversion services, we are a company which lets our work speak for itself.”

So if you are looking for vector conversion service, then drop us a email, we will be in touch with you. And for more details. Visit our website:

Bartell Bartell Asked question May 19, 2023