Tips For FFXIV Players

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Many new players in MMORPGs get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do and learn. This series is designed to help them navigate their first few levels in the game with confidence and ease.

First, make sure to set your Sanctuary spot. Sanctuary locations act as fast travel points for the game’s massive map.

Character Creation

Players will have a lot of decisions to make when creating their characters. These may seem mundane, but each has a big impact on the way the game is played.

First, they will need to pick a race. There are eight to choose from and no one is more powerful or specialised than the others. They will also need to choose a clan. This is a little more complicated as there are two clans for each race.

The clans provide a small bit of roleplay but not much else. Once the player has chosen a race and clan they will need to pick their class.

Classes are not the only choice in best way to earn gil ffxiv, as the game also has Jobs which unlock non-MSQ dungeons and trials. These are accessed through special quests which need to be completed before the player can unlock them. There is a fee to unlock these Jobs but they can be an excellent way for players to advance through the game without needing to wait in the Duty Finder queue.

Combat Roles

A player should consider their playstyle when choosing a class. Do they want to be in the thick of the action, or do they prefer to deal damage from a distance? Also, what role do they want to play in group content? Tanks need to position themselves in the raid and draw aggro from the bosses, while healers need to keep the party alive.

Healers should focus on maximizing their damage output by following the correct rotation. They should be sure to move into the hit box when it’s available and use their cooldowns properly. Finally, they should also understand how to make the most of their relic weapon.

Players should also try to level their combat gear as quickly as possible by using Tomestones of Poetics and the Market Board. By doing so, they can get the best armor in their tier and have the highest damage potential. This will help them be a more effective warrior and win more FFXIV Gil.


Dungeons are a form of instanced content that are a series of combat and narrative experiences that often culminate in a boss fight. They can be set in a variety of locations and often offer higher rewards or loot than normal gameplay.

Most dungeons require a full party of four players. These roles include a tank, healer, and two damage dealers, aka DPS. Players can queue for a dungeon using the Looking For Group or LFG tool in game. Tanks and Healers have short queue times, DPS have long queue times.

Dungeons are also known for their special enemy and shop effects. The most common one is the small chest spawn. Other dungeons have a chance of spawning a special enemy or shop, such as a rare item, in one of the lever rooms. These spawnpoints are usually triggered by a special effect and are not always present in all dungeon layouts.


As the world becomes increasingly connected, the power of nation-states dwindles. Problems like climate change, pandemics, and international crime are now too large for any single government to handle alone. The rise of city-states reflects this trend.

In FFXIV, the city-states of Ala Mhigo, Doma, Gridania, Ishgard, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul’dah are hubs where players can take on a variety of side quests that advance the main storyline in Hydaelyn. Many of these blue quests form “chains,” or interconnected series that tell a single story over several missions. Taking these quests will also rank up your tribe’s Reputation stat and unlock special rewards, including unique mounts.

Buying a city-state can save you money on teleport fees and allow you to carry more inventory items in the open world. It’s worth it even if you’re planning to level up a different Job than your current one. Don’t sell any rare crafting materials or gear to NPC vendors, though; they only pay a pittance and often undercut your Market Board prices.

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