Single Status Certificate

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How can I prove I am not married in India?

m2marketing Answered question June 4, 2022

With the single status certificate, you can prove the state of being unmarried. This is legal proof, which is primarily issued by the SDM in the state or tehsildar in the village. He issues it provided that you have shown the original proofs of your birth, address, and parents’ affidavit. Once verified, the applicant can move to the next level of attestation with the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This attestation requires a mediator who is known as NRI consulting agents, as Services 2NRI. These are countable, as the government of India does not look into such requests directly.

Once done, the applicant can visit the embassy to finally get it attested by the consul. This is a month-long procedure, which is also payable. The attestation fee at every level is necessary.

If the applicant gets through all attestation levels, the affidavit of single status will be delivered in a month. You may get more info regarding it over

Rahulsingh Answered question May 20, 2022
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