Real estate trends of 2020

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The main reason for this growth and sustainability perhaps lies in the series of detailed reforms and relief package that has been introduced by the incumbent government for the real estate and construction sector. After the introduction of these reforms and relief, the new real estate investors – mainly the well-off millennials – are ready to test the property market. The relief package, that comes in the form of tax cuts and breaks, has made the transaction cost of properties less. According to the financial indicators published by the economic survey of Pakistan, the cost of transferring a property has reduced by 50% due to these tax breaks. In some cases, it has even gone down to 25% of what it used to be before. Therefore, the overall investment realm surrounding the real estate sector is conducive for investors to park their money in property. For instance, if you are going to buy a plot for sale in Capital Smart City Islamabad then you will pay no taxes or surcharges until you are ready to transfer it to someone else. Similar is the case with other new real estate projects in the market.

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