My new house was left in a mess by the old tenants, what can I do?

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My new house was left in a mess by the old tenants..any help how to clean easily?

Natasha Burkitt Answered question June 20, 2021

I found myself in a similar situation when I moved into my new house. There were items of furniture and rubbish left all over the house and it was in no state to live in. What I had to do was:

– Employ a house clearance and removals company

I got help from a company offering house clearance in Twickenham and they removed any of the previous owner’s items and disposed of them. As I didn’t have access to a vehicle, I found that this was the easiest option for me.

– Deep Clean the House

Once the house clearance was complete, I got my cleaning supplies and hoover and spent 1-2 days cleaning every inch of the house from top to bottom. It wasn’t easy but this was the only way of getting the house ready for me to move into. It was worth it though, as everything was perfectly clean when I moved my own furniture in, which was great!

felipenstevens Answered question February 5, 2019
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