Is it safe to remove mold myself?

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safe to remove mold myself?

Terrance Sawyer Answered question December 30, 2022

It is usually safe. Touching mold won’t make your skin melt or anything. But you do need to take common-sense precautions when dealing with mold, especially if you are dealing with a severe infestation.

All you need to get rid of mold is bleach and a sponge. Pouring bleach on the area with mold will help wash it off, then you’ll need to scrub the area to finish removing the mold off the surface. The bleach will also kill the mold, while if you used water the mold might have just floated away and fixated elsewhere.

The main danger you should watch for is the fungal spores released by the mold, which can damage your health — especially if you are dealing with black mold. Wear a mask so you won’t breathe those in.

If you keep finding mold in the same area over and over, it’s probably time to get a mold removal expert involved. You can find one on

darnellmsmith Answered question September 20, 2020
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