Is demolition waste toxic?

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demolition waste toxic..

Everett Bishop Answered question January 25, 2022

Demolition waste can be classified into different types. During a demolition, nails, bricks, pieces of wood, and other building materials form part of the so-called “demolition waste” though they are not toxic in and of themselves. Then there’s also the rubble, the rocks, dust, dirt, and even tree stumps—things that also get removed during the demolition process. These are called “dredging materials.” 

There are also specific demolition wastes that are considered hazardous. Examples include materials that contain asbestos, items containing lead, aerosol cans, paint thinners, oil-based paint, treated wood, and many others. Handling hazardous wastes like the ones mentioned above requires precision and skill as these wastes can pose harm to people’s health, particularly the health of the staff and employees on the demolition site. Of course, this concern also extends to the health of those who are within proximity to the area. 

In the UK, the government has outlined specific guidelines on proper waste management. If you are looking for a trusted waste management company that can help you handle demolition waste and other types of commercial waste, visit to find out about their waste management London services. 

Rhys Hobbs Answered question November 9, 2021
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