Is CBD oil the only way to take CBD?

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I want an alternative that tastes better.

CBD Provisions Answered question May 6, 2023

It is not, actually. Despite the popularity of CBD oil, there are dozens of other ways to take the substance. CBD in its purest form is actually tasteless. Purified CBD takes the form of a fine white powder at room temperature, looking very similar to kitchen sugar.

But back to the flavor. There are two main sources of the weird taste you get from CBD oil. The first is the oil itself. What is popularly known as “CBD oil” is made out of CBD and other hemp byproducts diluted into vegetable oil — that oil is often referred to as a “carrier”. Olive oil is most commonly used, but some manufacturers use hemp seed oil as a carrier.

The second source of the oil’s flavor are the “other hemp byproducts” that I mentioned above. If you are buying from a quality manufacturer like, then you are likely taking what is called “full-spectrum” CBD oil. It comes packed with a variety of other hemp byproducts that provide various health benefits, and that helps to boost the effectiveness of the CBD. And while CBD itself is tasteless, some hemp byproducts have very strong flavors.

If the taste of your oil is bothering you, try switching to a product that uses a different carrier oil. Or look for CBD oil made out of CBD isolates, with no other additives. In fact, you can buy CBD isolate yourself — the pure powder is often used for making edibles — and make your own CBD oil with no additives to mess up the flavor.

As for other consumption methods, there are dozens. Vaping CBD or switching to CBD edibles can both help you avoid the taste of hemp. CBD pills and gel capsules are also good options to avoid the flavor.

David Cao Answered question January 30, 2021
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