Is CBD oil the only way to take CBD?

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I want an alternative that tastes better.

CBD Provisions Answered question May 6, 2023

Of course not. While CBD oil is arguably the most popular form of CBD, there are other preparations by which the substance comes in. If you’re not fond of the taste but still want to take CBD orally, you can try out edibles such as gummies, lollipops, and honey sticks. You can also purchase CBD in coffee form.

Then there are also CBD concentrates, which not only include CBD but other cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds derived from the hemp plant. While it’s not ideal to eat them directly, you can sprinkle them on your meals or blend them into your fruit smoothies.

These concentrates are so versatile in that you can also smoke them by using a rig or a vape pen. This is far better than smoking a cigarette, so if you can’t kick the habit, this is a more ideal way to go. For this purpose, you can use CBD shatter, CBD wax, and CBD dab.

Aiden Whitelegge Answered question March 8, 2021
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