I can’t remove front cover in burglar alarm to change battery

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Home burglar alarm supplied by FAI type SG I about 10 years ago. The system keeps showing Low battery with the charger connected to it. Managed to remove a screw but I am still unable to remove front cover. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Mike Vanover Answered question May 31, 2021

Changing the battery of your burglar alarm can be done even if you don’t know much about electronics. You have to know the basics like locating the control panel box which is likely to be found in your basement. You have to open the control panel box by entering the code or by removing the screws which are located on the side of the cover.  Then you have to take out the old battery by disconnecting the wires from the circuit board. Once all the wires are detached, you can take out the old battery. Be careful so you don’t come in contact with metal objects as you do this. To put a new battery, match the wires with their corresponding terminal on the top of the new battery.
If you’re having trouble opening the control panel, or if you think you need a hand in replacing the battery, don’t hesitate to call your home security services provider. If you want to take your home security to a higher level, get in touch with professionals who have been in the home security business for decades and have installed several burglar alarms in Kent and CCTV systems in other locations.

Lola Mapes Answered question October 29, 2018
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