How to Write a Synthesis Essay

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The structure of your paper will vary depending on what type you choose, but there are three major sections to every synthesis essay.

The intro

The body


An academic essay writer must follow the synthesis essay format. They should also ensure that their ideas are clear and easy to understand. This section explains the structure of the essay and outlines the sections.

How do you start a synthesis essay?

Start your essay by gathering all necessary resources. Make summaries of your research and note the most important sections. Make judgments about these summaries. Literally, synthesize the information. Find the connections between synthesis essay topics like:

Are they able to build upon each other?

Do they have any commonalities? Are there any differences? Compare and contrast.

What can you draw from them? How can you learn something new from them?

Next, make an outline for your essay. A 5-6 paragraph outline is recommended by some writers. The introduction summarizes the thesis and the first paragraph formulates it. Note down your arguments or points in three to four sections. The conclusion is summarized in the last paragraph. A summary will allow you to quickly see your argument and will also help you understand the flow of your thoughts within the essay.

Finalize the essay by writing a draft. The introduction should summarize the main ideas of the essay. Begin with a catchy opening sentence. This could be a quote not widely known but which provides valuable insight. You could include an anecdote, or interesting statistic. The first sentence should grab the attention of your readers. Next, briefly explain the topic and the purpose of the synthesis essay.

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