How to choose a coffee table?

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The coffee table is the object of furniture around which we meet to have a good time with family or friends. At the heart of the living room, it is often synonymous with parties, aperitifs or movie nights. Design and practical, the coffee table is now an essential piece of furniture in all homes. It will find its place just as well in a large family home as in an industrial apartment or even in a student studio.

Homary, at the heart of trends, offers well-made coffee tables. His original creations will offer you a wide choice of shapes, materials and storage to spend moments of conviviality and share the pleasure of being together.
Coffee table: some practical advice
Before choosing your table, we advise you to follow some advice. Indeed, it is important to check the area, decoration and style of your room. These elements guarantee the judicious choice of an object that will accompany you for many years. In terms of sizes, it must be at a reasonable distance from the surrounding sofas, poufs and chairs to allow both freedom of movement, but also a certain comfort. In addition, its height is generally chosen according to the other furniture objects. Thus, a coffee table well suited will be at the same height as the other furniture. This provides great comfort when it comes to serving a drink or selecting an aperitif cake. On the other hand, if you have a television, we recommend that you leave a meter of distance between the table and the TV cabinet. This is part of a precious visual fluidity to fully enjoy a film or a television series. In order to be sure of your choice, we advise you to make a marking on the ground and to simulate some daily actions. So, you will be absolutely certain of the size of your coffee table!
Coffee table: its advantages
Buy a coffee tablecan have many advantages. Indeed, it allows first of all to create a space defined and dedicated to the activities of the show. Thus, you will have the opportunity to drink hot drinks there, enjoy an aperitif, receive friends or family and spend time with your family. It is undoubtedly the piece of furniture around which a family life is built. Moreover, in addition to meeting many functions, the coffee table is also an excellent everyday ally. Indeed, this object is often equipped with plenty of storage and allows you to store a good number of useful everyday objects such as placemats, dishes and many other accessories that we need close at hand. Finally, the coffee table is present in all types of housing whether it is a first studio, a large house, a modern apartment or a smaller apartment. Unbeatable, this piece of furniture represents unparalleled comfort in terms of quality of life.
Coffee table: which shape to choose?
Whatever the size of your living room, Homary will be able to offer you coffee tables adapted to your interior. If you have a small space, we recommend a square coffee table. This type of shape is ideal for a studio or for a minimalist interior. Rectangular coffee tables come in many shapes: more or less thin, more or less high. For a large space, we recommend an imposing, massive table with plenty of storage space to be able to accommodate many guests and organize quality aperitifs or dinners. For a smaller space, we invite you to look at the minimalist and light coffee tables which will bring an attenuated spatial dimension to your lounge area.

Homary offers many different designs. If you have a modern interior, lacquered coffee tables will give your space geometric and aesthetic lines. If you have a cocooning interior, the Scandinavian footed coffee tables will breathe life into your set. If you have a bohemian chic space, we invite you to choose a solid wood table that will blend with your indoor plants and your artistic elements. Our team offers models of lift-up coffee tables or with sliding drawers. The rendering is aesthetic, the functionality highlighted. Our 100% French products will delight your interiors, magnify them.
Coffee table: which height to choose?
The coffee table , by definition, has a moderate height. However, not all models are the same and it is a good idea to pay attention to this detail depending on the height of your armchairs and sofas. As a general rule, it should be said that a coffee table should be at the same height as the lowest armchair in your living room. If your sofas have more height than your coffee table, don’t mind. Once well settled in its softness, you will have the impression that the sizes are the same. If you take your meals on your coffee table, which is being done more and more, it is better to choose a coffee table that is a little higher than your sofa or your armchairs. The option of the lifting coffee table can be judicious. It will then become a perfect ally for your aperitifs as well as for your dinners. Choosing a coffee table as a dining table in a small space can also be an organizational choice that will save you a lot of space. Homary adapts to the times and the resulting trends to offer you modern coffee tables adapted to all your needs.
Coffee table: which style to choose?
Our design house Homary stands out in the furniture market by offering an offer that is both broad and innovative. Indeed, our professionals work daily to discover and create the trends of tomorrow by offering unique and timeless designs. Our selection will dress all interiors. For a lounge area with industrial tones, simple shapes with metal and wood alloys will find a place of choice. This style plays with various materials that bring depth and nobility to the space. Moreover, for a cocooning interior, light structures combining metal, glass or white marble will nourish the surrounding calm. For a modern interior, the solid modules with geometric lines of circles and squares provide an inimitable and sober appearance. If you like the bohemian chic spirit, raw materials will dress up your living room by integrating into a bright decor embellished with plants and comfortable materials. Depending on the objects chosen, the effects given and sought are different. Thus, a very wide choice is available to you to deliver the best of the coffee table.
Coffee table: which material to choose?
The choice of the material of his coffee table will depend both on its usefulness, but also on the decoration of your interior. Indeed, if you use your coffee table on a daily basis, we recommend easy-care materials or accessorize it with a tablecloth or placemats. In general, wood is a noble material that will bring warmth and character to your interior, but which will require special maintenance. This type of table can accompany you all your life. A lacquered table is ideal to clean. Indeed, a wipe with a sponge is enough to remove traces of condensation or food-related stains. The glass table has a modern and precious appearance. Easy to clean, they are solid. In terms of structure, Homary offers a selection of extremely resistant and stylish metal coffee tables,

Whatever your needs, our Homary team is at your disposal both to inform you about the diversity of our products, but also to advise you. Indeed, depending on the interior, it is not always easy to choose the material of your coffee table. In this sense, we make every effort so that you can project yourself with these quality furniture objects by offering you photographs and scenarios.

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