How should I prepare for IAS?

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I am planning to attempt UPSC Exam. Kindly suggest the correct pattern of preparation.

Amit Kumar Answered question 6 days ago

There are many ways to prepare for success in the IAS examination. Here is the best strategy modeled on the Destination IAS Academy in Delhi for aspirants:

  • Prepare your mind and define a plan of action to prepare. Understand the criticality of prelims, mains, and interviews. Then, prepare accordingly.
  • Schedule the study time, which helps you to must-have time for preparing the entire syllabus.
  • Discover the UPSC syllabus, as prelims and mains have different subjects to opt-in.
  • Newspaper reading/current affairs for IAS are a blessing, as you can easily answer questions on current affairs and foreign policies or other related things.
  • Choosing optional is a challenge, which accounts for 500 marks.
  • NCERT books play a vital role. So, prepare the syllabus from the sixth to 12th class and go for advanced study of the same syllabus.
  • Making notes is the best way to get ready for the exam. Separately prepare files or notebooks on diverse subjects.
  • The IAS Main exam covers descriptive answers, which need writing practice. Quick and effective answers in limited words while integrating analysis, and critical aspects help you to achieve success.
  • Prepare from the previous test papers, as the paper will help you to determine the pattern and question types. Besides, you may assess your preparation easily.
  • Mock test can also help you to get ready for the final acid test. You may identify your mistakes, flaws, and also build an approach to crack them through.
  • Use resources that are meant for government job exams like PIB, PRS, and likewise ones.
  • Revision is also pivotal, as it can help you to keep the learned part alive in your mind. It can also let you go off the last time rush for preparation.
  • Prepare for the UPSC interview and stay positive.
Kailash Mishra Answered question April 21, 2022
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