How learning BSL can improve your life

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I wanna learn British sign language also I would like to know can help me to improve my life if yes then how can I learn that and where i can find the best resources for learning British Sign Language

Millicent Gill Answered question November 26, 2022

Are you curious about BSL? Are you wondering why BSL is important? Ever thought of learning this sign language? If you are keen to know this language but not sure about the benefits of learning it, then find out the importance of BSL from this blog and clear all of your doubts!

What is Sign Language?
Sign Language is a visual means of communicating using hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language. Like any spoken language, sign languages have their own grammar and lexicon.
Different countries have different sign languages, so sign language to has regional dialects. There are several Sign languages like American Sign language, British Sign language, Australian Sign language, New Zealand Sign language, etc.

Jeremy Li Answered question November 23, 2022
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