How do you remove vertical blinds?

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Keira Bradley Answered question September 29, 2022

The first thing you need to do is to remove the valence. Majority of valances are clip on and some are simply resting on the headrail of the blinds. 

The next step is to remove the vertical blind vanes. You do this by opening the clops that hold the blind vanes by opening the clips that hold the vanes at the top. Slightly open the clips and pull the vanes out. 

When you’ve removed the vanes, you can then remove the headrail. The headrail can be an inside mount vertical blind and in that case it can be directly screwed into the top of the window frame. Remove the screws and the headrail afterwards. On the other hand, if the blind is mounted with brackets, push on the tab located at the back of the bracket to remove the vertical blinds from the brackets. Swing the back of the headrail down to release the headrail. Then take out the front side when the back of the headrail is off the bracket. Lastly, remove the mounting brackets. 

Vertical blinds serve both functional and decorative purposes. You can check out the blinds in Surrey sold by AbbeyBlinds& to know more about vertical blinds. 

RobertCZielinski Answered question August 7, 2019
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