How do I figure out the right target audience?

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I want to run a PPC marketing campaign for my business.

Laura Williams Answered question January 12, 2023


Age, gender, income bracket, family size, and education level are just some of the most crucial data you should obtain for your target audience’s demographic. Identifying this information can help you tailor your brand’s message to resonate with your audience. Most of the time, it doesn’t work, attempting to sell to everyone. Targeting a specific demographic is especially important if you have a niche product. For instance, if you’re selling kitchen essentials, your target audience could be married women aged 30-50 with three kids.

Geographic Location

Understanding where your primary customers are located helps you determine your market size. It also helps you target your ads better and save money. Going local is ideal, especially for startups, as their resources are most likely limited. By diverting your focus to a niche market, you’ll know where to concentrate your marketing efforts. Your customers will also appreciate the effort you put into understanding them and you’ll achieve that “authority” standing in your specific market.

Geographic research is more than just knowing where your customers live. It’s also important to know where your potential customers are gathering online so you can reach them more easily. Which apps, social media platforms, and forums do they use more often?


What are the pain points that your ideal customers are experiencing? What factors affect their buying decision? What motivates them to buy, and what’s stopping them? Who makes the purchasing decision? Are there obstacles in communication that you need to address? Who are your competitors in the space that they are buying from, and how big are they?

Most businesses fail because of skipping the most important step, market research. Some companies would do it for you and provide you with all the data you need for your business to succeed. For more info, check out Kadence UK.

Laura Williams Answered question January 12, 2023
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