How do I figure out the right target audience?

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I want to run a PPC marketing campaign for my business.

Laura Williams Answered question January 12, 2023

There are many ways to figure out how to target your PPC marketing campaign. One of them is to just look at your customer data and website traffic to spot trends. You can also make assumptions based on the tour business’s niche and what audiences other companies like yours are targeting.

However, one of the advantages of PPC marketing is that you can run small campaigns and get results back very quickly. So what PPC marketing agencies often end up doing is running a few dozen small-scale campaigns, combining the data resulting from those campaigns, and using that to figure out the most effective way to move forward. You can read about things like that on the website of this SEO Sydney agency:

Because PPC agencies have all sorts of tricks to help figure out the most effective strategies, it’s often a good idea to hire one to help, even if you’re just bringing one on as a consultant with the intent of keeping all marketing efforts in-house.

Leo Milerum Answered question January 25, 2022
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