How digital marketing influencing real estate industry?

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The real estate industry of Pakistan has undergone massive transformation in the last couple of years. Before the governments introduced the relief and reforms package for the real estate sector, the real estate sector of the country was largely stagnated due to massive tax hikes on property sellers and the purchasers. However, since the introduction of reforms and relief package, the real estate sector of Pakistan in going in an upward trajectory. According to the real estate experts of the region, the reason of the growth mainly lies in the comprehensive reforms that were introduced. These reforms have not only worked their way in bringing back the veteran real estate sectors but has also acted as a catalyst for the induction of new real estate investors. These new real estate investors are mainly millennials who are ready to give the real estate sector of the country a go due to the reforms bringing in more transparency in the entire real estate sector.

park view city lahore Asked question June 21, 2021